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Test Site. Haven't used since 2006. Vic W

Monday, January 31, 2011


Resume Blog - Test

Monday, November 05, 2007


I have re-initiated this blog site.

I will be posting information from time to time to include educational Trading ideas and informational updates also found at my free sites at:


You may wish to join these sites to receive free daily market updates Tuesday through Thursday, which include lists of stocks found to be in play in the premarket, thus provide good intraday trading candidates for daytraders.

I will approve you within 24 hours based on your response.

My website URL is: if you would like to view and/or download my free trading movies and/or receive information as to how to join my monthly LIVE - Trade-in-the-Market, Trading Teams, where real money is earned daily by team members trading my proprietary charts piped directly to their computers.


Safe Trading,

Vic West


Monday, May 15, 2006

Terrible Arithmetic's...... And Today's Report 5-15-06


As we observed the market tank last week on interest rate news, it was apparent that random events do not an orderly market make for almanac economics.......

Thus we continue to view the terrible arithmetic's of survival for the longer term investor within today's choppy and uncertain markets.

If you expect upside potential, best bet is to diversify based on strong fundamentals, but even that ploy may not pan out in what appears to be an increasingly failing market.

For the active trader who trades for a living, however, the picture is far less glum.

As we have learned, we can go both ways at the drop of a hat and play our cards CLOSE to our chest, as long as we have proper charts to "SEE" the trades.

...."If you can SEE a successful trade, you can MAKE a successful trade...." to quote a good friend of mine -

As is typical of the trading community little volume is brought to the table on Monday, usually rendering a low volume day. People recuperate from self-made long weekends and party binges.

Why not?

We don't work for the 9 to 5 crowd.

As also expected, the marking is TANKING big time in pre-market this morning, as the market expresses displeasure with the powers that be, oil, interest rates, wars, killings, the dollar, ad nauseam.

The answer may be to re-align our investing to sectors moving in contrarian fashion, which is obviously quite short within nearly ALL sectors, at least at this point.

We'd best be lining up our shorts, IMO this AM, or wait for a major rebound caused by short squeeze and/or bargain buying if we wish to put on any longs.

Safe Trading.
Vic W

Friday, May 12, 2006

Top 30 Performing Stocks - May 11, 2006


To the left is a screenshot listing of the Top 30 Performing Stocks as of May 12, 2006 descending ordered according to my parameters. It is a modification of the Top 20 Sector Report posted at my Yahoo Site.

I hope the stock symbols are not so small that you cannot read them.

I have modified the Top 20 Sector Report to reflect only the top 30 weighted stocks (top performing) across all sectors rather than choosing only stocks from the top sector.

Plug these into your charts for DD.

No buy, hold or sell recommendation.

After all is said and done, we are searching for stocks that measure up for as many time frames as possible.

These stocks should generally play best from swing to long term.

Best way to maximize potency and ROI is to crank down the # of shares per stock to your level of comfort according to your size of account and diversify by playing a personal basket portfolio of 10 - 20.

Personally, I am using an equivalent # of shares equaling a $1000 investment per stock rounded to the nearest 10.

Good Trading.
Vic W

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome to Vic West Stock Trading blog. This post is to kick off and initiate this new site. I have been trading since 1997 and have developed methods and opportunities to help traders accomplish personal trading goals. This blog will be dedicated to providing information to assist Traders who have or who are considering an attempt to earn a living in the Financial Trading Markets. This site will be strongly weighted toward Daytrading and Swing Trading styles. Occasional Reports provided will exhibit stock information using proprietary charting systems and setups. However, no stock pick or stock suggestion is to be deemed as a buy, sell or hold recommendation. Posts may also provide occasional linking to other free trading sites I have evaluated and deem of value to the trading community in general. Additional sites I own you may wish to visit and/or join for further enhancement of your trading results are two free informational sites currently in operaton at Yahoo located at, A third site, which is a trading opportunity I offer to the public is located at . Thank you for visiting this site and may you "Trade Well."